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هتل مجلل درویشی

Official ceremonies and parties held in the halls of beautiful dervish Nmayyd.mhyty luxury boutique hotel with views across the city will distinguish your party.
Forums هتل مجلل درویشی
Ayineh Hall (conferences, seminars, weddings, banquets)
Ayineh Hall (conferences, seminars, weddings, banquets)
Located on floors 17
Sort amphitheater with a capacity for 350 to 400 people, scales for conferences with a capacity of 90 people Audio and video features, detachable microphone single layout mode scales the size
Simultaneous use with separate halls for men and women through roll-up
Use of the hall as exhibition space
Hall diplomat
Hall diplomat
Floor 1-
Multi-purpose hall, the hall can hold your best and Mtfavtryn parties here.
conference room
conference room
Floor 17/5
Sort conference table with a capacity of 30 people and up to 45 people Audio and video features
Single detachable microphone on the number of guests