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هتل مجلل درویشی

Your journey vitality and freshness gift Knym.khnkay beach water blue Ast.mjmvh hotel near thinkers of different services, gives you extra energy. In an environment of water distinct from the other, exhilarating entertainment experience. Every moment of the trip will have water, this relaxing God is available.
Spa هتل مجلل درویشی
The hotel offers a variety of massages by highly qualified professionals and global peace and happiness in body and soul give you a gift.
The hall is equipped with various sports equipment and all guests can benefit from its services.
Beauty salons
Dervish has two distinct venues ladies and gentlemen luxury hotel cosmetics and beauty and freshness by staff trained and experienced to bring you.
sauna Dry steam
The heat and humidity is very high arthritic joints and muscles will help. In dry and steam saunas for health and relaxation you've brought.
Spa services in private atmosphere and unique form provided.
Heated indoor swimming pool Darwish luxury hotel allows you to enjoy swimming in any season and the air. The use of this pool for guests staying at the hotel with calm and attractive lighting is provided and guests can also rallying to overcome travel fatigue and mental and physical features of this benefit
Rock River
Today, people all over the world with different cultures and languages Sngdrmany relaxing and comforting properties of rocks not only to treat diseases And mental and physical disorders, but also to prevent disease as well as their body and soul.
Fish Doctor
15 min Fish Spa
Arms and legs
Refreshment and relaxation
Creating better circulation
Relieve stress and anxiety
Useful for skin
Hygienic environment
Traditional Bathroom
Using the services of a traditional bath in addition to cleaning the body of the balance of nature and enjoy the tranquility.